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A Wedding in the Woods: Part 3

One of my favorite requests that Jonny and Kalu made was when they told me their plans of having an intimate moment after their ceremony just the two of them. The idea was that they'd run away from their ceremony site together and away from everyone before heading into their reception. This time with just the two of them was far more special than I imagined it would be. It was a moment for them to slow down, take a breath and feel the adrenaline rush over them as they embraced each other.

Our location for these photos was one that I scoped out ahead of time and envisioned them in place over and over - but having them actually in place, far exceeded any of my expectations because of the depth of their intimacy in the moment.


After sneaking away it took us some time to locate some more comfortable shoes and bustle Kalu's dress, but once we got everything secured I went ahead and got into position for the Mr. & Mrs. Grand entrance. Shortly after arrival, we jumped into eating and conversations, and not too long after the dancing began. I knew the dance floor and lighting would give some really fun opportunities to try some different techniques for flash drags, I had so much fun pushing myself to see what level of clarity and playfulness I could create. Again, having Kalu and Jonny's trust really elevated my confidence to have fun while also honoring their day.

As the darkness of the night settled in, the guests were ready to send the newly weds off. It had been awhile since my last sparkler send-off since I haven't been as active in the wedding industry, however, I was excited and eager for some fun shots. It created one final opportunity for these two to twirl and skip and express their sheer joy to finally be married. The day was precious, and full of authenticity and rejoicing - here and in heaven! It was joyful and calming - a sincerely wonderful way to enter into the rest of their lives together... a gift!

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